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LYO II 2017/18 02/03/18
Saturday, February 3, 2018
Chamber II 2017-18 02/08/18
Permutations of Three There is a vast array of timbres a trio of musicians can create simply by moving in and out of the ensemble. Enjoy this international program of varied musical styles written for the flute, viola and harp performed in an array of combinations.
Masterworks IV 2017-18 02/22/18
Fortuna Rota: Fortune’s Wheel Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana is a rollicking audience favorite. Based on the forbidden themes of the poetry laced with death, lust, gambling and paganism, all fall victim to the hand of the fickle Roman Goddess, Fortuna, The Empress of the World. Carl Orff’s masterful setting comes to life through instrument, voice and dance in BRSO’s presentation of Fortuna Rota; Fortune’s Wheel.
Masterworks V 2017-18 03/08/18
La Tragédie et la Comédie The mask of comedy has long been an effective ruse for distinguishing the darker aspects of humanity. Do not be deceived; behind each of the seemingly lighthearted works in Timothy Muffitt’s La Tragédie et la Comédie, there is a darker tale waiting to be told.
Chamber III 2017-18 03/22/18
The Pendulum Swings: Impressionism – Postmodernism In the history of western music, it is hard to find greater rebel than Claude Debussy. Considered groundbreaking by academics and highly controversial by traditionalists, Debussy gave voice to the Impressionist Movement, laced with personal sentiment and emotions. Ironically, within 20 years, his music gave rise to another group of rebels spawning an even more powerful movement and return to logic, structure and reason – the genesis of Postmodernism and the Polystylism of Alfred Schnittke.
Chamber IV 2017-18 04/05/18
Le Piano Franòaise French pianist Philippe Bianconi has long been a favorite of BRSO audiences. Since winning at the Seventh Van Cilburn International Competition in the 1980’s, Bianconi has enthralled audiences and critics throughout the world pursuing his musical itinerary and patiently carving out his path far from the media hype. BRSO welcomes back Mr. Bianconi for this very special BRSO recital debut.
Masterworks VI 2017-18 04/19/18
The Promise of Springtime Prose from Bart Giamatti’s The Green Fields of the Mind Thoughts of spring offer promises of youth, young love, and…! Fred Sturm’s piece Forever Spring is a “9 inning” multifaceted tribute to his beloved sport featuring our very own Skip Bertman as narrator. The BRSO Season Finale performance also includes Copland’s story of the famous western outlaw Billy the Kid and Bernstein’s popular fusion of rhythm and jazz.
LYO III 2017/18 04/22/18
Sunday, April 22, 2018
Rock On! Music of the 80's 05/12/18
Rock On! Music of the 70’s and 80’s The Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra partners with the LSU Rural Life Museum each year to present an outdoor concert under the stars. This year we are excited to present a journey back to the rock and pop hits of the 70’s and 80’s in a show called Rock On!
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